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 571 S. Edmonds Ln. Suite 101, Lewisville, TX 75067

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Upon review, they will be filed and accessible to our area churches. 


Pulpit Supply / Interims / Revivals / Bible Conferences

NOTE: Resumes to be distributed for NTBA churches must have a doctrinal statement on the resume.

Ed Ethridge 972-742-8289 or

Johnnie Jones 214-544-5920 or

Mike Courtney (Evangelist) 214-738-8004 or

Craig Bass (Music/Worship Leader) 469-236-8883 C

Paul Golata (Preacher) 972-834-9258 or

Gary Newman (Evangelist) 214-673-5037 

Joe Wooddell (VP of Academic Affairs - Criswell College) 214-818-1336 or

Everett Berry (Theology Professor - Criswell College) 214-818-1356 or


If you are interested in becoming a NTBA member church, print out and mail the following:

Financial Contribution Form

Creek House Get-Away!


The Creek House is a great getaway for pastors and their wives and children who need a few days to just unwind and relax. It is located in Tarpley, Texas on the Serenity Ranch which is a 431 acre working ranch. The Creek House sits right on the Hondo Creek and it is operated as a ministry of Tarpley Baptist Church under the leadership of Dr. Dick Sisk and his wife Barbara.

Here’s the catch! The only thing anyone has to pay to go and stay for a few days is the gas to get there and the gas to get back home! All the meals and the accommodations are provided for our pastors and their families by The Creek House (excluding any meals to and from the ranch). Here’s their description from their Facebook Page:

Located about fifty miles west of San Antonio and forty miles south of Kerrville, the Creek House is a beautiful home in the southern Hill Country of Texas. It is the home of Dick and Barbara Sisk. Dick is currently the pastor of the Tarpley Baptist Church. He has been a pastor for more than forty years. For the past twenty years, the Lord has been developing a vision in the hearts of Dick and Barbara to provide a place for pastors, missionaries, vocational Christian workers and their spouses to get away from the routine for two or three days. The Creek House is the fulfillment of that dream. It is located on a 400 acre ranch, on the banks of Hondo Creek. As someone walks the two mile walking path, it is common to see whitetail deer, African eland, blackbuck, axis deer, oryx, fallow deer, and other wildlife, along with the cows and calves. Or one can just sit on the back porch watching the many different birds, listening to the creek flowing down below. For those couples who want a little more, we can also arrange for golf, horseback riding, fishing, hunting, sightseeing, or shopping.

Our mission is to provide a "getaway" for pastors, missionaries, vocational Christian workers and spouses at little or no cost to them.

Now I can tell you that Dr. Sisk and his wife are such great hosts.  As a guest, you will be able to wade in the Hondo Creek, fish at the Texas Mountain Ranch (a 2,000 acre ranch that is owned by another church member), see the local wildlife, as well as the wildlife that is being bred on the ranch (deer, elk, black-horns, etc.).

The Creek House contact and reservation information:

830/562-3373 (home) 254/216-2450 (cell)

The Creek House, PO Box 84 Tarpley, TX 78883